Welcome to the website of Michael J. Stedman, author of the heart-stopping political thriller A for Argonaut.A” is the story of former Special Operations officer Lt. Colonel Mack Maran. When a mission to rescue hostages in the Congo goes wrong, Maran is betrayed by the Pentagon and tossed out of the Army. To restore his honor, he has to unravel the conspiracy, which leads him from a high-tech private spy firm to the dangerous streets of Kinshasa, where the gem smuggler “Queen of Diamonds” holds critical pieces of the puzzle.

Find out more about the book. Go to About the Author to find what Michael J. Stedman learned by drinking with Jack Kerouac, or find out about the issues that inspire his books in Questions and Answers. Visit the blog for news, reviews, and thoughts on current events and key figures from the book. And find out what’s next for hero Mack Maran.


“Mike Stedman has written a splendid thriller about a thrilling subject: diamonds. He takes us with knowledge and persuasiveness into the dark continents of Africa and men’s souls.”

– Richard Marek, Editor of Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity and Thomas Harris’s The Silence of the Lambs


“Stedman’s prose rips along at a keen pace over the novel’s 300-plus pages… And few writers in this field even bother with the sort of polished travelogue set pieces found here. In a perfect world, an ageless Bruce Willis and an eternally comely Zhang Ziyi would star in the sort of big-screen summer blockbuster adaptation that critics spurn and audiences (and Netflix subscribers) devour.”

– Kirkus Reviews


“Following a grisly prologue that hints at a very gritty thriller, Stedman’s novel rolls out an action hero who has an unusual pedigree,… sadistic villains and a hero seeking redemption.”

– Publishers Weekly


A for Argonaut is riveting reading that should prove hard to put down, highly recommended.”
– Midwest Review of Books